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We are a movement to unite Corporate Rebels worldwide to ensure that true change happens virally from deep within the fabric of our organisations.

The organisations we have in mind can be any size/form of organisation (Fortune 500 company, SME, NGO, non-profit, Network, Peer-to-Peer, Cell, System, Context) and we aim to be truly cross industry (industrial, tech, health, government, financial, pharmaceuticals,  educational, ….)

The Only Rule Is That There Are No Rules

We Trust That You Are REsponsible


We don’t do screening or certification of our activists: our movement is designed by and for trust in the first place. We welcome any inspired individual from any organisation that is subscribing to our manifesto and is willing to implement the 20 principles of our movement in the way that makes most sense in their individual and group context:

  • If You are a principal champion of a program or cause or action
  • If You do not wait for permission to lead, innovate, strategize
  • If You are Responsible, Do what is right
  • If You aim for Greatness, Healthy Fire, Worthiness
  • If You name things others don’t see yet
  • If You point to new horizons
  • If without You, the storyline never changes

Then Corporate Rebels United is something for You!



Our organizations no longer serve our needs

They cannot keep pace with a high-velocity, hyper-connected world. They no longer can do what we need them to do. Change is required.

We care for the organisations we work for

We love our organizations and want them to succeed. We want to reboot our corporate and organizational culture to install a 21st century, digitally native version, to accelerate positive viral change from deep within the fabric of our organizations, and to reclaim our passion for work.

United we are stronger

You will have to create new alliances and do stealth work under the radar. You will have to fight the corporate anti-bodies with passion, perseverance and patience. But at times, being a rebel, protagonist, or change advocate can be frightening and lonely.  Just rest assured that you are not alone. Many people are hungry for this change. That’s why we think we are stronger united. So that you have a soundboard or a moral and mental support when the going gets though. But also a group of people that keeps you sharp, and encourages to create new value practices rather than complaining and creating havoc.

That is why we are building a global network of change catalysts: we are looking for people that act from deep personal awareness and presence, and an irresistible enthusiasm. Our actions will lead to new product and services and new global practices for value creation, agility and velocity. We are architects and scouts into the future, and we want to guide our organizations in navigating a safe path from now to then.

Corporate Rebels United soul is about people taking agency, people stepping forward and taking responsibility, self-empowering themselves.

Corporate Rebels United is a movement. It’s a culture, emerging from some specific behaviors. It’s a tribe of enthusiastic protagonists hungry for change. Positive change. Not an anarchist tribe, but a tribe of people who care for the companies they work for and want them to succeed in the 21st century of hyper-connectivity.

Corporate Rebels United is deeply value and purpose driven. It has an ambition for progress, looking forward. We fight mediocrity, and applaud critical thinking.

We invite you to join us and be part of our challenging journey.

Rebelliously Yours,

The CRU Team

joinus_button_0We also have a Facebook Group, a G+ Community, a LinkedIn group, a Scoop.IT, and are present on Twitter



Rebel of the month

Our “Rebel of the Month” for March 2015 is Steve Chapman from Esher, Surrey, United Kingdom.

Steve Chapman - March 2015 (Hi res colour)

Steve is fascinated by human beings, how they interact, fall out, make up, change and create stuff together. Before becoming an independent consultant, writer and coach he spent 20 years in the corporate world, his last role being Director of Leadership and Organisation Development for a large global blue chip. It was during this time that he became intrigued by the difference between what is supposed to happen in organisations versus what actually happens. He started to notice how many of the unquestioned corporate traditions (such as strategy, structure, change management, governance, meetings etc.) actually constrained the very things that organisations need to survive and thrive in the future – imagination, creativity, spontaneity and innovation. He decided to dedicate his work to making sense of all of this and thereby transformed his corporate career into creative adventure.

Steve’s book Can Scorpions Smoke? Creative Adventures in the Corporate World (Amazon Associates Link) invites those who work in these things we call organisations to pause, look around and become more curious as to what extent day to day habits, norms, behaviours and beliefs stifle our own creativity and that of others. At its heart it encourages experimentation and playfulness in the belly of corporate life and offers a number of personal and organisational practices that gently dampen the psychological and social fear that keeps everything rather stuck, dull and grey.

Chapman himself endeavours to practice what he preaches and continually tries to push the boundaries of his work through experimentation on the boundaries his own comfort zone. To this end he has run masked corporate innovation workshops, delivered off the wall, highly participative keynote speeches (one dressed as a pirate for example), taken his coaching clients on spontaneous ‘inexpert’ tour guide experiences and he launched his book by going busking on the banks of the Thames.

Steve is based in Esher, Surrey, UK

Please join us in congratulating Steve for being our March 2015 Rebel of the Month

Find out our monthly celebrations of exceptional rebellious behaviour here

Express your dream (Moonshot thinking)

This is the place to express yourself and your future through art, poetry, music, or just plain text. Express yourself here.


Rebel Hack #1 for the website

Being a Corporate Rebel is not about kicking and screaming around like crazy. It is about daring to be great, about daring to step forward, about taking personal leadership.It is about being responsible and actionable.

Corporate Rebels are responsible for:

  • Themselves: their mental and physical well-being
  • The teams they belong to:
  • The organisations these teams belong to;
  • The ecosystems these organisations belong to;
  • The whole world these ecosystems belong to

Since the start we loved the idea of being a actionable group of people, not just a think-tank or an echo-chamber of the internet. With the new website, we try to create some conditions to enable online group collaboration, and to suggest some initiatives where everybody can apply his/her talents for the great cause for our movement: to make of our organisations places where people come alive!

Here are some suggestions on how you can personally contribute:

Join a hack

We will launch on regular basis some “hack” invitations. This is not the heavy lifting work, but some small tips, tricks and practices to help you coming out of your protective shell, and make more powerful connections within and across your organisations.

Our first hack is labeled “Meaningful work” and invites you to form triad relationships in your organisation. More info on our hacks here.


We need some help to improve our movement, tools, PR, website, collaboration, etc. For that, we would like to create a network of “helpers”. For a listing of things to be do, check out our Helpers page

Set-up your local chapter

Several rebels already have set-up local chapters of Corporate Rebels United in different cities. Go to our Local Chapters page to see what’s out there already; and if you would like to startup a local chapter yourself, use the Set-up-your-local-chapter page to announce your interest.

Co-Create your value practice

Our ultimate goal is to create a number of practices (plural) for value creation, as opposed to practices for efficiency. For an overview of practices under development and their contacts, please consult the Value Practices page



Picture Gallery

Since we started, we collected a small set of picture of Corporate Rebels in action. Some Rebels produced some artwork around our name. Check them out here.


Work in Progress. Self explanatory: things that did not exactly work out as planned. Send them to corporaterebelsunited (dot) gmail (dot) com

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