Rebel of the Month – Feb 2015 – Mukesh Gupta

Every month we celebrate a Corporate Rebel who went the extra-mile: in helping our movement, in completing a hack, in pulling together a value practice, or doing something really awesome in the organisation they work for. “Rebel of the Month” is recognition for a Corporate Rebel exposing the sort of behaviours we would like to encourage in our movement.

Our “Rebel of the Month” for February 2015 is Mukesh Gupta from Bangalore.


He is an entrepreneur at heart and employee by choice. He is a corporate rebel and a change agent.
His day job is with SAP India as Director – Customer Advocacy and his passion is to help small business owners and startup founders build the organization that they would be proud of.
His mission is to re-invent sales:
  • The ever connected, social and mobile world has transformed how people buy (from other people or from other businesses).
  • The social media revolution has given consumers and buyers power to talk back to brands.
  • The rapid growth of online commerce (e-commerce or m-commerce) raises a question mark on the existence of many sales professionals.
  • The sales processes and methodologies have not kept up with this transformation of the buyers world.

The way we sell, measure the performance of the sales executives, work with other parts of our organization needs to be transformed for the sales executives to not only remain relevant but thrive in this new reality.

Mukesh volunteered on the Corporate Rebels United website to lead a new set of Value creation practices for the sales organziations which can help them thrive and grow! Check out his page:

Mukesh is also a great example on using social media to reach out to his community: he blogs at and hosts his podcast – Pushing Beyond the Obvious (

Mukesh is an author, blogger and podcaster. He has written the world’s first business poem – Your Startup Mentor, available exclusively on Kindle.

Mukesh is based in India, Bangalore.

Please join us in congratulating Mukesh for being our Feb 2015 Rebel of the Month


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