Corporate Rebels United live event 16-18 Sep 2015 – Sacramento, CA

It has always been my dream to organize a live face-to-face event with and for Corporate Rebels United. But there was always the concern of personal financial risk and logistics of such undertaking. That’s why we stayed “online” with Rebel Jam etc).

Many of you also know that I would like to evolve my Innotribe@Sibos work into a some sort of 4-day content-festival-format, intersected with high quality artistic performances.

Now both become possible. Now that day has come. I have teamed up with RELEVENTS as a “curator-in-residence”. RELEVENTS is a new organization led by professionals who want to re-invent the whole conference format. We aim for relevant events.

Relevents Logo

We’re partnering to bring a Corporate Rebels United chapter to the Innovate Festival @TBD on September 16-18, along side the TBD Festival of Music, Arts and Culture on the Sacramento’s historic riverfront.


TBD stands for To Be Determined – To Be Discovered – To Be Designed – To Be DISRUPTED the absolute right vibe for you all Corporate Rebels United.

As curator in residence, I will be inviting local and global innovators from Corporate Rebels United to explore what it means to tap creativity, innovate and solve problems together in context, not theory, now. We will be looking for vibrant examples, compelling problems, radical problem solvers.

You will all get invited to come to Innovate Festival @ TBD. There will be a fee to attend but we have negotiated a special discount code for Corporate Rebels United. So, we hope we will see many of you – mainly US bases Corporate Rebels – to launch, get discovered, roll up your sleeves and work and experiment with, not just listen to, the world’s greatest innovators.

Innovate Festival @TBD will take place from Sep 16-18, 2015 in Sacramento, California. Block these dates in your calendars.


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