Rebel Jam 2015 – Hold the date 26 June 2015

A Rebel Jam is a 24h online event with fascinating speakers, inspiring entertainment and provocative discussions every hour, with hosts/moderators from our Rebels community in Europe, North America and Asia.

We did one in 2013 and we we’ll do another one this year on 26 June 2015. Our aim: empower the rebel to be able to create positive change, understanding the considerable risks and challenges that will arise.

On June 26-27, 2015 we will hold another 24 hour on-line Rebel Jam. All you’ll need is to be able to connect to the Internet and mark your calendar right now.

You will be able to tune in any time – or all 24 hours if you’re one of the crazy ones – to learn from Rebels about:

  • What has helped them to be successful?
  • Setbacks and obstacles they’ve experienced and how they’ve navigated through them.
  • Habits that help them stay creative, positive and respected.

We will focus on storytelling to share your bravery and to help other going beyond their fear sticking out their neck and daring to be great.

There will be time after each speaker for questions and conversations to encourage as much learning and camaraderie as possible in an online way. We’ll also be inviting performers and artists to share and perform their work with us to fill our rebel spirits, and just have some fun.

The Rebel Jam kicks off on June 26 at noon in Europe; 6 a.m. North America East Coast; 3 a.m. North America Pacific, and 8 p.m. Sydney. 

The Rebel Jam 2015 is a co-production of Rebels at Work and Corporate Rebels United


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