Express your dreams (Moonshot thinking)

We invite you to express your wildest dream for a 21st Century Organisation infused by the best thinking of this Corporate Rebels United community. What would we consider a Moonshot? Even better, what would it mean to go to Mars?

“Moonshots live in the gray area between audacious projects and pure science fiction; instead of mere 10% gains, they aim for 10x improvements. The combination of a huge problem, a radical solution, and the breakthrough technology that might just make that solution possible is the essence of a Moonshot. Great Moonshot discussions require an innovative mindset–including a healthy disregard for the impossible–while still maintaining a level of practicality.” (from the Solve for <X> site).

How would a 21st organisation look like? What would be your Moonshots in this domain? What are your wildest dreams? What would it mean for Corporate Rebels United to go to Mars? What would be the principles, not processes? How would HR, hierarchy, IT, Marketing, Branding, decision making, morality, ethics, etc feel like?

We invite you to write a “letter” to the future about your dream of the ideal organisation to work for/with. Well, actually it can be much more than a “letter”. We have so many artists in this community that we suggest you choose your own medium for expression. As usual, the only rule is that there is no rule. Your dream can be expressed through art, poetry, music, dance, or just plain text

The inspiration for writing a letter to the future came from Toyota’s Dream Car Art Contest.

Toyota Dream Car Contest

We just want to re-invent the letter concept, and extend it to any for of self-expression. Use the tools you want, and share a link where you have uploaded your dreamworks and moonshots. We’ll make sure they end up somewhere on our site.



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