Picture gallery

Since we started, we collected a small set of picture of Corporate Rebels in action. Some Rebels produced some artwork around our name. We don’t know where this will lead us: depending on what we get, we may move the Gallery later to Flickr or other site. And if you have ideas for doing better, just let us know.

Rebels in the Wild in Brussels

We had a small coming together at Anouk’s “Epicerie” on 8 May

Rebels in Wild Brussels 8 May 2014

Just Normal People

EC20 Summit Paris Keynote Petervan V1 Long Version

Some of our rebels, clockwise: Anouk from Brussels, Carri from Portland, Nadja from Hamburg, Mukesh from Bangalore, MJ from San Francisco, and Curt from Washington DC

And not so normal people

Petervan and Laura


Corporate Rebels Unites Co-initiators Laura (left 😉 and Peter (right) in Pirate Dress at 20-22 Jan 2012 Sandbox event in Lissabon, Portugal



Mike Maney pirate

Corporate Rebels Unites Co-initiator Mike in Pirate Dress, unknown location.

Inaugural meeting

The June 2012 London inaugural face-to-face meeting was documented in petervan’s blog:http://petervan.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/corporate-rebels-united-a-new-global-practice-for-value-creation/

rebels4-312 first meeting



Artwork by Allevo Team





Rebel Jam



The Allevo Team during the 30-31 May 2013 Rebel Jam

Allevo team Romenia


Nadja Petranovskaja during our hack day in Hamburg on 13 March 2014, producing the Hack#1 video

IMG_3567 IMG_3568


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