We need helping hands for the following activities:

  • Organize, plan, schedule, document regular Rebel calls, hangouts, webex, Skype etc > see also our Tools Section.
  • Regional Moderators for upcoming Rebel Jam on 26 June 2014. We are looking for 2 Rebels for US West Coast, 2 Rebels from US East Coast, 2 Rebels from European time zone, 1 Rebel from India time zone, 1 Rebel from Australia Sydney time zone
  • Creatives: we are looking for photographers, graphical artists, visual artists, video hackers, musicians, etc who can help us with:
    • Making proposals for our logo, colour, etc that could be used consistently on buttons, flags, t-shirts, etc
    • To create a set of consistent visual elements (picture, icons, typography, etc) that we can use on our website and publications.
    • A powerful teaser video on Corporate Rebels United that could go viral
    • To create/compose the Corporate Rebels United song
    • To make a RSA animation (or other, use your creativity) video of Petervan’s presentation at Enterprise 2.0 Summit, 10-12 Feb 2014, Paris. See also our events page.
  • PR responsible: somebody who can amplify the Corporate Rebels United messages and activities in a consistent way towards Executive Leaders magazines, online publications, and social media

If you are candidate/volunteer, use the contact form below, and we’ll add your name and contacts to the site:


2 thoughts on “Helpers

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