Value Practices

Our ultimate goal is to create a number of practices (plural) for value creation, as opposed to practices for efficiency. We want our movement to be actionable, and invite all Corporate Rebels to start forming small teams (“pods” as Dave Gray would say) to hack out Practices for Value Creation that can be shared inside and outside of our community as sources of inspiration, practice, and reflection.

For an overview of practices under development and their contacts, please look at the drop-down menu under the tab “Value Practices”. We are now starting to form teams for the following Value Practices:

More Value Practices coming, really depends on you taking responsibility and stepping forward. Some early ideas cooking in this space:

  • From Hierarchies to Wierarchies
  • Re-Invention of Decision Making
  • Benchmarking Innovation/Disruption Capabilities
  • Transform our organizations into networks of greatness
  • Innovation and Disruption at Ecosystem level for Stakeholder value creation (vs Shareholder only value creation)
  • Re-invention of Branding
  • Re-inventing Corporate Morality and Ethics
  • Getting external visibility and recognition in press, so you can’t be ignored anymore inside.
  • Re-Invention of Marketing
  • Re-Invention of HR



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