Practice-3: Re-Invention of Leadership

Corporate Rebel Rune Kvist Olsen from Norway has some good thinking on the evolution of Leadership into LeadINGship. Petervan gave some visibility to Rune’s thinking on his personal website:

Who wants to form team with Rune and other Corporate Rebels to hack out an exciting new Value Practice for Leadingship? Just indicate your interest in the comments section of this page, and we’ll take it from there.



3 thoughts on “Practice-3: Re-Invention of Leadership

  1. The Management Credo for self-aware concsiousness at Work in 2016

    By Rune Kvist Olsen

    Everyone must have a personal right and an individual freedom to be leading one self at work. Being led by others is an insult towards the human self and ones human dignity, and is an underestimation of one individual resources in being independent and responsible. Leading on self is a prerequisite in developing self-wortiness and self-aware consciousness, and in enabling personal freedom of chioce and valuing the individual power of free will.

    Leadingship for Everyone grants one and all their personal independence as a free individual human being in making and taking personal choices and responsibilities. Leadership for Someone grants the few the power over the many, and is an violation and a disgrace towards the human spirit in valuing someone more better and more able than others to freedom and trust.

    Take care and treat others as you want to be treated yourself!


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