At this stage, our website is a quite straightforward wordpress site. It allows for basic collaboration where you can comment on every page and post. Of course we are aware of more powerful collaboration tools such as Jive, Microsoft’s Yammer, Salesforce’s Chatter, SocialCast, Lithium, SocialText and many other Wiki environments. But before we move to one of those, we first want to test the appetite and needs of the Corporate Rebels as we go. In the meantime, we suggest we default to a couple of defacto standards for online collaboration, without full integration within our website.

Here are some suggestions for our default set of collaboration tools (please comment at the bottom of this page if you would like to recommend others). Most of these have a freemium pricing.

Google Docs for Rebels

  • Whiteboarding > BoardThing: Fast, Simple, Real-Time Collaboration on a virtual whiteboard. A tool developed by and with Dave Gray (one of our advisors) http://boardthing.comBoardthing Video

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